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Multi-factor Authentication

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More than 650 small business owners and IT managers responded to surveys about their current security strategy. In our report, you'll find tons of eye-opening data in an easy-to-digest format and learn why more companies choose multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an extra layer of protection. Start building your case for MFA with this short (just a 5-minute read) report.

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Despite the fact that employers perceive a need for password security amongst their staff, they still have serious concerns about relying on passwords alone to protect company, employee, and customer data.

The time for multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions is now. Those who do not adapt may pay big for their complacency.

"The Time for 

Multi-factor Authentication Is Now."

Find out the Survey Answers

in This Report

of data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords.

of cyber attacks are the result of weak or stolen passwords.

of respondents believe employees click on phishing emails.

Build Your Business Case for 

Multi-Factor Authentication.

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